License Agreement

The Short Version

You can use Wooshy as it is. It comes with no liability. You are not allowed to reverse-engineer, modify or resell it. You can install and use it on all your computers for personal use, with or without a subscription.

The Not So Short Version


By using our app, you hereby consent to our License Agreement and agree to its terms.

1. Limitation of Liability

Wooshy is provided as is by the company Sleeplessmind Ltd. and the individual Guillaume Leclerc. None of those entities can be held responsible in case your computer starts smoking. That sounds drastic but it's a legal document. In real life we're spending all of our time and energy focused on building great, high quality apps. Still, bugs may creep in. When you find one, please report.

2. Using Wooshy

You may use Wooshy without a subscription, on as many computers as you'd like, for as long as you'd like. The purchase of a subscription license is only necessary if you want to use Wooshy during the times when it is napping. Yes, software have feelings too, and need to recuperate. Unless you buy them coffee.

You may not modify, edit, etc etc, or resell Wooshy. Wooshy is an end product delivered as it is by the developer to an end user, to be used as a mice savior. Simple as that.

3. Subscription License

The subscription license is for personal use. You can install it on all your personal computers, and even use them all at the same time if you're able to do that. You're not allowed to share, redistribute or resell the license though.

Update of the License Agreement

The agreement may get an update from time to time, so you may want to check it once in a while.