Privacy Policy

The Short Version

We do not track anything, whether from this site or the Wooshy app. The subscription page ( is handled by Paddle. Their own terms and conditions, and privacy policy will appear at the bottom of that page. They need to gather some info to handle the subscriptions.

The Not So Short Version


By using our website, you hereby consent to our Privacy Policy and agree to its terms.

1. The Wooshy Site

1.1. Cookies

We do not use any cookies on this site.

1.2. Trackers

We do not use any trackers on this site.

1.3. Logs

We do not log anything when you visit this site.

1.4. Third Parties

The subscription available at is done by Paddle. Paddle has their own Terms and Conditions available here: and Privacy Policy available here: This is handled directly by Paddle. Nothing is transferred from Wooshy the app or the site as we don't hold any data.

2. Wooshy the app

2.1. Trackers

We do not track anything in Wooshy.

2.2. Logs

We do not log anything in Wooshy.

2.3. Online Connections

Wooshy will connect from time to time to two sites: and The connection to is to check for updates. You can disable this in the Preferences if you'd prefer manual updates. The connection to is to check for the subscription status. You cannot disable this :) (at least not easily :p) For, the connection is anonymous. For, the check will be done against the email and the license code entered in Wooshy the app.